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December 19, 2014
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July 21, 2016

Speak Up – Life’s A Stage

At Evolution we are firm believers in authentic, transparent communication.  We believe that when you are on the stage you should be the same person as when you are off the stage.  Obviously we aren’t actors, although Matt and Mike may have secret dreams to run away to Hollywood! But fear not, what they really love doing is helping others be effective communicators.  Whether that’s helping others to better understand how to run their business, communicate with their customers or effectively work with their employees. Let’s be honest, public speaking is the number one phobia in America so while these courageous guys take the stage, there are many who want to pursue a career in speaking, much to the amazement of others. 

So how, then, do you show up in life?  If you really want to have an impactful and meaningful career in the public speaking arena, how can you maximize your message to influence many?  The first point was already mentioned, but it bears repeating: authenticity.  People want someone that is real. They want to relate to someone that struggles just like they do.  And that is something that can’t be faked.  Being transparent requires being honest about who you are and what you are about.  No hidden agendas.  But the truth is that you aren’t going on stage just to talk to people, but you also aren’t just going on stage to sell them. Hopefully it is in that sweet middle spot where you genuinely care and want to make a difference, but also need to make a living. 

To make a living doing this kind of work requires planning, skill and talent.  Talent is something you naturally have and can’t be taught, but fortunately skill is something anyone can learn and grow in.  And while we may be biased, we believe one of the best skills to pursue is an education in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  NLP provides a foundation upon which to build a speaking platform, it gives you practical steps and tools for how to authentically and effectively speak and sell.  One valuable insight is called V-A-K (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic)  and it teaches that within your audience you will have a mix of internal representational systems, which are the ways that people listen and take in information.  So it’s important to know if you have someone who is primarily a “visual” person that speaks fast, responds to pictures and likes when someone quickly gets to the point. Or, you might have a primarily “auditory” listener that likes an engaging speaker, not a monotone bore that puts them to sleep.  You could also have a primarily “kinesthetic” person that likes slow and caring connection. 

All of these types of people will be in your audience and it is valuable to connect with all of them. Speak too fast at the wrong times and you will lose the kinesthetics, speak too slow the entire time and your visuals might just leave the room, and if you sound monotone the entire time without any voice inflections everyone might fall asleep! You can never can have too much education or skills when it comes to growing your speaking business, so let us help you to be an effective and engaging speaker from stage.  Even if you don’t plan to have a career selling from stage, communication is an everyday part of life! You can only benefit from the skills and education you pursue… plus overcoming that oh-so-common phobia is pretty awesome too!

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