Vision Leads Us

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
January 10, 2017

Vision Leads Us

Having a vision for your business and even your personal life gives you a map to follow. Without a big picture of where you want to go, you will end up standing still.  But how do you create vision?  It’s not something that just emerges out of the blue, or that comes without deliberate thought.  We usually spend our day in a series of thoughtless motions that can end up defining our life.  Get up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast (or skip it), grab your things, run out the door, go to work, work, eat lunch, work, work out, go home, watch tv, sleep, etc.   On the surface  it’s not very inspiring.  But what if all these motions had a bigger purpose connected to them besides surviving? 

What if someone went through all these motions to pursue a life they designed?  It certainly wouldn’t look different on paper, but in person the results would be visible.  Having goals are great, but goals achieved offer no fulfillment. Once achieved, it feels like: ‘Is this all there is?’ Then another goal needs to be set and achieved. So let’s not set goals for the sake of achievement, let’s set goals for the sake of movement on our vision.  Goals simply are a means to allow you to fulfill the vision on your life.  So the question you need to ask yourself is, do I have a vision?  If not, when will you begin to live a life with meaning? 

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